Avg Days On Market 2022: 12
Avg Sales Price: $728,703
Avg Price Per Sq Ft: $229.67
# Homes Sold in 2022: 145
Avg Sales Price (Ranch): $629,518
Avg Price Per Sq Ft (Ranch): $265.41

The Stonegate Neighborhood in Parker, Colorado

Living Your Best Life at Stonegate Village in Parker, Colorado!

Stonegate Village Parker CO is a fantastic place to own a home. It's a great location and has affordable home prices with convenient amenities, low HOA fees, and excellent schools.

Nestled within Douglas County, Stonegate Village is a suburban sanctuary on the outskirts of Denver, with a population of 9,770. Recognized as one of the prime locations in Colorado, Stonegate offers its residents a tranquil suburban atmosphere. Most residents take pride in Stonegate's homeownership, which contributes to the community's stability.

Stonegate has numerous parks, providing recreational spaces for residents to unwind and connect with nature. The neighborhood is a magnet for young professionals and their families, creating a vibrant community.

Stonegate started with 3,600 homes in 2016 and is expanding to cater to more families.

Real estate in Stonegate Village Parker CO

There are plenty of real estate options in Stonegate Village Parker CO. You can buy a condo or townhome for as low as $300,000 and single-family homes for $500,000. Larger homes range from $550,000 to $980,000.

Stonegate Village Parker CO Amenities

The Parker CO real estate property includes a well-maintained neighborhood trail system, spacious parks, playgrounds, and two pools.

The neighborhood trail system extends to the Cherry Creek Bike Path, where you can enjoy biking on paved trails. Additionally, the pools in the north and south regions consist of a diving area and lap pool.

Stonegate Village average sales price history.

Schools in the Stonegate

The Parker CO real estate property has three schools: Pine Grove Elementary School, Mammoth Heights Elementary School, and Northstar Academy Charter School. Pine Grove is on the south side, while Mammoth Heights is on the north side. Additionally, Northstar Academy has both grade school and high school. Parents can also walk their kids to school using the neighborhood trail system.

Dining and Shopping Areas

Within a mile or two of Stonegate Village, you can find restaurants and coffee shops with a diverse menu. Dining choices range from Italian, American, and Japanese food. You can also shop at King Scopers grocery store outside the neighborhood. Park Meadows Mall is also 5-10 minutes from the village.

Lone Tree is also 11 minutes away from Parker and has many remarkable dining choices. You can visit The light rail station, which gives you easy downtown access to watch the Rockies and visit Park Meadows Mall.

Enjoy a convenient suburban lifestyle in Parker, Colorado. Get the best home in Stonegate Village with the help of Steven Beam Parker, Colorado's top real estate agent. Call 303-941-4663 now.

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