Homes Sales in The Pinery. Parker Colorado

Homes Sales in The Pinery. Parker Colorado

The Pinery Home Sales Report

The Pinery Home Sales Report

In this report you will see all the home sales in the Pinery Neighborhood from 2007 to the end of 2010. All price ranges. The report shows only home sales EAST of Parker road and does not include home sales in the newer Pinery Glenn neighborhood.

After writing an article detailing home sale trends over the past 4 years in Stonegate, and Pradera Golf Club other Parker, Colorado communities, I decided to produce the same stats for The Timbers & The Pinery.

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The Pinery is consistently one of the top selling neighborhoods in Parker, Colorado. We have to believe that the location, beautiful rolling hills, wildlife and of course the pine forests that blanket the entire neighborhood are the reasons. There are homes available for every buyer in every price range in The Pinery and that makes it very appealing.

My report below for all the home sales in The Pinery is only covering single family homes. Not the condos and town homes or any other attached homes in The Pinery.

FYI-Lenders are calling me all the time to make sure I understand that money is now available for high-end luxury home buyers where it was unavailable just 18 to 24 months ago.

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Total Sales by Year: (These are home sales for The Pinery on the EAST side of Parker Road.)

2007 = 81

2008 = 133

2009 = 99

2010 = 127

Average Total Days on Market: (Less time on the market for 2010 may reflect less inventory and lower prices.)

2007 = 130

2008 =133

2009 = 153

2010 =135

Average NET Sold Price: (There were some really big sales in 2009. Some approaching $2 million.)

2007 = $628,659

2008 = $456,531

2009 = $500,337

2010 = $482,574

Total Volume of NET Sales By Year in The Timbers:

2007 = $50,921,391

2008 = $61,915,660

2009 = $49,533,393

2010 = $61,286,870

Average NET $ or Price per sqft Sold: (This is the sqft on the main level and upper level. It does not include the basement.)
2007 = $196

2008 = $166

2009 = $169

2010 = $164

The average price per sqft has dropped considerably and seems to have leveled off.

Average Price per sqft Finished. (All finished sqft included.)

2007 = $155

2008 = $127

2009 = $128

2010 = $120

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