The Timbers Luxury Home Sales Report.

The Timbers Luxury Home Sales Report.

Luxury Homes in The Timbers

Luxury Homes in The Timbers

This report shows you what has sold and closed in The Timbers over the past 4 years. Only closed sales over $750,000.

Last week at the end of February one of my buyers offered on and reached an agreement for a $1.225 million listing over in Pradera. So yes I believe the luxury home market in Parker is slowly coming to life after a lag in 2009.

Steve’s definition of high-end = anyone buying or selling above $750,000.

After writing an article detailing home sale trends over the past 4 years in Stonegate, and Pradera Golf Club other Parker, Colorado communities, I decided to produce the same stats for The Timbers.

Here is a recent article about The Timbers.

Since the end of 2009 there is a new demand for high-end luxury homes all around the Denver Metro. Douglas County and The Timbers have also seen a slight rebound and more activity in the luxury home market. We are not back to the levels we were experiencing in 2007 & 2008 but the year end stats for 2010 was only 7 home sales short of our high in 2007.

Lenders are calling me all the time to make sure I understand that money is now available for high-end luxury home buyers where it was unavailable just 18 to 24 months ago.

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Here are the numbers for Home Sales in The Timbers that have a sold closing price ABOVE $750,000 since 2007.

Total Sales by Year: (2007 was a great year for The Timbers luxury home sales.)

2007 = 27

2008 = 21

2009 = 12

2010 = 19

Average Total Days on Market: (Less time on the market for 2010 may reflect less inventory and lower prices.)

2007 = 211

2008 =238

2009 = 223

2010 =206

Average NET Sold Price: (There were some really big sales in 2009. Some approaching $2 million.)

2007 = $1,086,326

2008 = $935,817

2009 = $1,174,156

2010 = $926,679

Remember I am only showing stats from homes that sold and closed at or above the $750,000 price point in The Timbers.

Total Volume of NET Sales By Year in The Timbers:

2007 = $29,330,805

2008 = $19,652,150

2009 = $14,089,875

2010 = $17,606,900

Average NET $ or Price per sqft Sold: (This is the sqft on the main level and upper level. It does not include the basement.)

2007 = $275

2008 = $261

2009 = $281

2010 = $235

Average Price per sqft Finished. (All finished sqft included.)

2007 = $221

2008 = $191

2009 = $217

2010 = $163

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