Stonegate Neighborhood 2012 Real Estate Report

Stonegate Neighborhood 2012 Real Estate Report

Stonegate real estate is averaging $139 per sqft which is just $4 per sqft below the high in 2007.

Everyone wants to see what their neighbor’s home really sold for right? Well here is the 2012 Parker, Colorado Stonegate Village Neighborhood sold homes report.

Also see the most up to date report for the first half of 2013. 

gold graph showing values going up.

Prices are going up!

Anyone considering selling their Stonegate home better know what the values really are and here is a good start. Parker, Colorado real estate is on a major upswing and prices are certainly appreciating. If you and your Realtor don’t understand what this really means for you as a seller then you are bound to leave money on the table.

I’ve been producing these reports for about 7 years now so I know and understand Parker, Colorado real estate values in the Stonegate neighborhood.

Find out exactly what your Stonegate Village home is worth right now for FREE. This is as close to a $400 appraisal as you can get but it is FREE and accurate. Steven Beam is a local Realtor that lives and works in Stonegate. Steven Beam’s Client Testimonials. 

Stonegate Village Down 7.7% in Value 2011.  This is an article that shows you year by year comparison.

Stonegate sold homes by the numbers for 2012 are as follows.

Average days on market: = 56

Average sold price: = $328,028

Average $ per sqft:  = $139

Average $ per finished sqft: = $121

Lowest sales price for 2012: = $162,000

Highest sales price for 2012 = $495,000

Total volume for 2012: = $58,389,054

 Here is a link to the full spreadsheet below.



Currently active homes for sale in Stonegate Village in Parker, Colorado.