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September 13, 2017
Homeowners Association HOA

Homes Without HOA or Home Owners Associations

Homes Without HOA or Home Owners Associations. Below you will see a list of all the currently active homes that are for sale and listed in the MLS as not having covenants. Beware that some Realtors do NOT enter properties into the MLS correctly. Just because it says no covenants on the MLS listing below doesn’t […]
June 9, 2010

Howmeowners ANGRY Over Stonegate Pool Registration

Stonegate is where I live. I love it here and generally have never had much of an issue with the HOA (Homeowners Association) until now. “If it’s the last thing we do we will protect this POOL from NON-RESIDENTS” OK what about the people that live here? Apparently several homeowners were angry last year when on […]