Howmeowners ANGRY Over Stonegate Pool Registration

Howmeowners ANGRY Over Stonegate Pool Registration

Stonegate is where I live. I love it here and generally have never had much of an issue with the HOA (Homeowners Association) until now.

“If it’s the last thing we do we will protect this POOL from NON-RESIDENTS”

OK what about the people that live here?

Apparently several homeowners were angry last year when on occasion some non residents invaded our pool. Evidently these  homeowners really made a huge issues out of it and have NOW caused a major problem with pool registrations and getting pool passes.

Please understand that I am not alone in this beef. I’ve talked to dozens of homeowners through email and by phone and know that there are hundreds if not more that are just as angry.

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It seems the Stonegate HOA took it upon themselves to require that ALL Stonegate homeowners re-register this year at the same time. Ok now there are over 3500 homes in here and at least 2 people in every home plus the multiple kid homes so we are talking at least 7000 plus people. I would even guess 8000 plus people.

To register for the pool you need to do the following.

  • Register at the HOA website
  • Bring a copy of the receipt
  • Bring a copy of our water bill
  • Bring a Photo ID

First of all who keeps their water bill handy just for this occasion? We sure don’t. Yes I now know that you can have a new one emailed to you NOW but that wasn’t offered when this fiasco first started. I use my drivers license everywhere I go and can even bring them a Passport with my info but NOOOOOO not the Stonegate Pool. An official government ID wouldn’t hold up to the rigors of the Stonegate Pool ID test. I was a little disappointed they didn’t collect a hair sample for later DNA testing. Maybe next year?

They gave us time slots each week from around 6-8:00 to come get into the cattle line with our 7000+ neighbors and be prodded along until they had all the stars aligned and their computers were working perfectly. Oh and the line to get registered was wrapped around the building 5 of the 6 times we went up there to get our passes. Try that with a 2 year old when it’s bed time.  This all to get our photos and check our documentation. “PAPERS PLEASE” reminds me of the old WWII movies.

In the name of all mankind we are going to protect this POOL from outsiders! Out you damn non-residents! OUT!

Wouldn’t it have been MUCH easier to walkover to the offender and ask “do you have a pool pass?” if they don’t have a pool pass tell them to leave. If that doesn’t work for the life guards then ask one of Moms sitting there and I guarantee you they will get them out. There are moms up there with 3-5 kids at a time. Those women are not afraid of anything. Worked well when I was a kid so I  guess it would still work today. How hard is that?

Personally I believe the board should be punished for the ridiculous actions and overbearing requests. We all need to show up at the next HOA meeting and voice our opinions. If you want to attend here are the meeting times and locations.


  • 3rd Wednesday of the month, 5:30 PM at the District Offices: 2 Inverness Drive East, Suite 200, Englewood, CO 80112.
  • The annual budget meeting is held in either October or November at the Stonegate Village Clubhouse.

Come on Stonegate HOA board! You should know better than to do this!@ Shame on you!