Homes Without HOA or Home Owners Associations

Homes Without HOA or Home Owners Associations

Homeowners Association HOA

Homeowners Association HOA

Homes Without HOA or Home Owners Associations.

Below you will see a list of all the currently active homes that are for sale and listed in the MLS as not having covenants. Beware that some Realtors do NOT enter properties into the MLS correctly. Just because it says no covenants on the MLS listing below doesn’t mean you should not do your due diligence. If you want a 100% accurate list out of the MLS call me. 303-941-4663. I will gladly give you access to the MLS and properties without HOAs.

 I want a home with no HOA.

Are you looking to buy a home that is NOT located in a Homeowner’s Association? Join the crowd! Seems like it’s becoming more and more popular these days to find a home in a neighborhood or area that is NOT actively managed by a HOA or Homeowner’s Association.

Buyer BEWARE before you buy a home located in an HOA read this…

The monthly or yearly fees in some areas are over the top expensive! Before you buy a home you better take a hard look at the transfer fees that are associated with the home or land you are buying. There are neighborhoods that charge you up to $1,000 just to leave the neighborhood when you sell your home down the road. It is true! I regularly see transfer fees in the $200 to $500 range so make sure you know this in advance. It stinks to get kicked in the butt one last time by the HOA when you are moving OUT of the neighborhood.

Be careful what you ask for or this could be your neighbor!



You can have an HOA but no covenants and covenants and no HOA so be careful. 

Did you know that a home can have an HOA but no covenants? Yes, they charge you a fee but there are no covenants. I’ve seen it where they charge you a yearly fee through an HOA but it is used for garbage pick up or road maintenance or grounds maintenance but there were no rules and restrictions. You can also have covenants and no HOA. Yep it gets complicated huh. Make sure you actually READ the title docs and and rules that come with your property.

Resources about Homes Without HOA or Home Owners Associations.

Here is a good resource to learn about Colorado HOA law and the rules and regulations that currently govern Home Owner Associations.

Did you know that Community Association Managers now need to be licensed in the state of Colorado? Read about the requirements here. 

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Why all the different spellings for HOA?

I have no idea and I’m not going to research it just for this article. I’ve been searching the web and I see HOA, Home Owners Association, Homeowners’ Association and Homeowner’s Association, Community Manager. From what I can tell they are all the same…

Homes for sale without Covenants, and or HOA Homeowners Associations.

Know before you buy! If you want access tot he MLS and a 100% accurate list of homes for sale without an HOA or covenants call me. 303-941-4663.  I can get you a list of currently active homes that have no covenants or HOAs.