Stonegate Neighborhood Average Sale Price Up 6.76%

Stonegate Neighborhood Average Sale Price Up 6.76%

It appears the Stonegate real estate market is still chugging along at a pretty normal appreciation rate.  Normal by Stonegate standards…Even though 6.76% appreciation in Stonegate is at the high end of national historical averages it’s still a long way from what some areas were experiencing over the past few years. Historically real estate appreciates anywhere from 3-6 percent. I doubt home buyers will breath a sigh of relief when they realize that one of Parker, Colorado’s hottest neighborhoods is still outpacing national averages? See hostorial blog posts below to see what yearly appreciation rates have looked like in Stonegate.

Stonegate Village Home

Stonegate Village Home

Since 2009 the Stonegate average sale price is up 40% from $308,785 to $464,090!

  • 2014 = 5.11% appreciation in Stonegate
  • 2015 = 7% appreciation in Stonegate
  • 2016 = 5.73% appreciation in Stonegate
  • 2017 = almost 7% so far.

Yes real estate does build wealth!

“The Stonegate Neighborhood average sale price from January to October 2017 is $464,090 and for the same period in 2016 the average sale price was $433,725. This is a 6.76% difference.”

Stonegate Neighborhood Sold Home Stats January 2017 to October 2017.

  • Average days on market for Stonegate = 13
  • Total number of homes sold so far 141. Same period last year 120.
  • Average difference from asking price to sale price 99.59%.
  • Stonegate average price per sqft $149.16. (This is total sqft price.)
  • Above ground only average price per sqft $204.83.
  • Average original asking price $463,058.
  • Lowest sale price $205,200.
  • Highest sale price $725,000.

Spreadsheet showing all of the homes that have sold up to October 2017 in Stonegate.

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