Average Sale Price in Pradera Up Again for 2014

Average Sale Price in Pradera Up Again for 2014

The average sale price in Pradera neighborhood jumps 7.19% in 2014.

Pradera had another solid year with prices climbing around 7% however there were 23% fewer homes sold. Lower inventory was a problem in every neighborhood this year so it isn’t isolated to just Pradera. Every home for sale in Pradera today. 

Pradera custom home kitchen

Pradera custom home kitchen

New home builders haven’t been building much over the previous 6 years so they have a lot of ground to make up. There simply isn’t enough housing to go around in Douglas County Colorado. We have more people that want to be here than there are homes for them to live in.

Pradera is situated around a private golf club with custom homes, semi-custom homes and private villa townhomes. Home prices within Pradera range from $450,000 to around $2,000,000.

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The Timbers Neighborhood Average Sale Price Jumps in 2014

What did homes sell for in the Pradera neighborhood during 2014.

  • Homes closed in Pradera for 2014 = 67 which is down 23% from 2013 with 85 sold homes and 88 in 2012.
  • Average sales price in Pradera for 2014 was $694,842 which is up 7.19%
  • Average asking price was $709,860
  • Average sold price per sqft $206.95 (above ground sqft) Up 6.46% from 2013 which was $193.99 per sqft.
  • Average price per finished sqft $160.20 is also up 4.88%
  • Average price per total sqft $120.96 which is up 3.12% (entire house sqft whether finished or not)
  • Highest sale price in Pradera for 2013 was $1,293,302
  • Lowest sale price in Pradera for 2013 was $445,000 (Townhome/Villa)
  • Difference from asking price to sale price = 96.16% (no real change)
  • Find out quickly what your Pradera home is worth. 

Steven Beam is a Parker, CO Realtor that has been selling homes in Pradera and The Timbers for over 15 years.

Here is a link to the full spreadsheet.

Pradera Golf Club Sold Home Stats for 2014 – Steven Beam Parker, CO Realtor