Parker CO Realtor Steven Beam

Parker CO Realtor Steven Beam

Steven Beam has been a full time Parker, CO Realtor for 15 years.

Steven Beam Parker CO Realtor

Steven Beam Parker CO Realtor


Steven Beam  – Parker CO Realtor
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Home sellers: I believe the only way to stay on top of the local Parker CO real estate market is to understand the current numbers. I want to know what homes are selling, for how much the homes are selling for and how long it takes to sell a home. The problem is that each and every neighborhood is totally different. In order to truly know the numbers and stay ahead of my competition I’m constantly having to re-run my neighborhood market reports. These are very detailed reports that can be drilled down to a neighborhood, type of home (example Ranch Style Homes) and even down to a section of streets within a neighborhood. It’s true that certain streets within specific neighborhoods sell better than others. Your Parker CO Realtor MUST know this in order to get any seller top dollar for their homes when selling. Your Realtor must also be able to convince an appraiser that your home is worth more than the one around the corner because your location and/or features are better. This isn’t easy but if you can show them the facts they will generally accept it.

“Steve knows the entire South Denver area, the neighborhoods, the market trends, and the pricing and offer strategies. He walked us carefully through the details of evaluating homes, making an offer, getting a good inspection and then being comfortable with the closing process. Steve Baska, Castle Pines, North”

Home Buyers want a Realtor that knows the area and how to successfully close a deal. I’ve closed hundreds and hundreds of real estate transactions in my 15 years of real estate experience. I know how to spot potential problems before they arise and how to handle them when they do. I know Parker, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and Douglas County real estate inside and out and I’m glad to share that knowledge with you.

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All real estate is local. Does your Realtor know the real numbers for “your market” or for “your neighborhood?”

  • National Stats – great for NEWS but has no real meaning for Parker real estate.
  • State home sales numbers – great for NEWS but no real meaning here.
  • Denver home sales stats – again it’s just too all encompassing to really know anything.
  • Parker Stats.- these are pretty local but still too broad of a selection to really know your market.
  • Neighborhood Stats. Now we are talking about your true market. What is going on in your specific neighborhood? Can your Realtor really tell you? Have they ever really run the numbers? I do. I’ve been running the numbers for Parker CO neighborhoods for years and know when the market is changing.

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Steven Beam is a Realtor and blogger in Parker, Colorado. Always looking for new and easier ways to connect buyers and sellers. Facilitating transactions so all parties can relax and live life without stressing over the process of relocation, buying and selling. I’m into pretty much every outdoor activity Colorado has to offer. Fishing, skiing, hiking, adventure/enduro motorcycling and mountain biking are my most favorite activities at the moment.

I have two great kids and I’ve been married for 14 years.

Here is an example of my detailed neighborhood reports.

Meridian Village Real Estate Report 2013

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