Stonegate Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale 2011

Stonegate Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale 2011

Stonegate Neighborhood Garage Sale 2011

Stonegate Neighborhood Garage Sale 2011

The Annual Stonegate Neighborhood Garage Sale

Link to the Stonegate garage sale 2013

LINK to the 2012 Stonegate garage Sale

Friday and Saturday June, 3rd and 4th.

From 8:00 AM to 2:00PM

Directions: Stonegate is 3 miles East of I-25 and Lincoln in Douglas County Colorado in the town of Parker. Stonegate is on the North and South sides of Lincoln at the intersection of Lincoln and Jordan Roads.

We all know that many people setup much earlier than 8AM and leave their stuff out later than 2:00PM.

It’s that time of year again. The Stonegate Neighborhood Garage Sale is always a huge draw for garage sale enthusiasts.   There will be minor traffic jams and loads of loot being hauled out of this neighborhood during the two day event. I’ve seen college kids fully deck out their soon to be dorm rooms with great items they picked up for cheap at this sale. It seriously is one of the largest neighborhood garage sales I’ve ever seen. Many neighborhoods try to copy this event with little success. I think the main reason is that so many homes participate. Good Luck.

Here’s a few tips.

  • Prep early. Have your items priced and ready to display the night before.
  • Get plenty of $1 and change from the bank the day before.
  • Use masking tape to price your items. It’s easy to tear it off and reprice the item if you realize that $25 for that velvet picture of the dogs playing poker isn’t attracting attention.
  • Start early. The real garage sale enthusiasts are out early. There will be people out shopping at 7:15 trust me.
  • If you can have your items on tables inside the garage ready to be carried out to the driveway when you wake up it makes it a lot easier. It also helps if there is a wind or rain storm. you can easily pull the tables back into the garage.
  • Price low. Remember that used items should really be price at least 50% of original value to even get people to look. Lower will usually get the buyer to act.
  • Don’t freak out when someone asks you to take .50 cents for an item you have priced at .75 cents. No crap it really happened to me. She saved a quarter and I have this stupid story to tell you.
  • Be prepared to help buyers load heavy items.
  • Be prepared for large car loads of people that come up and distract you while the others are filling their pockets with your goods. It happened to my wife. True story.
  • Be prepared to have people ask you to use your restroom. Small kids are welcome. Adults…you need to go before you come out. You should know better.
  • Be prepared to take whatever you don’t sell to Goodwill for the tax deduction.
  • Stonegate is full of kids. Watch your kids, your neighbor’s kids and any kid within eye shot. It’s a fun day for the kids so they usually like to participate. Did I say that? I mean get in the way. Anyway there will be lots of traffic. Kids are used to running around Stonegate knowing that they are relatively safe. We all know where the kids on our streets live so we are ready for them to come darting out at any moment.  There will be a lot of people from outside our neighborhood here and they may not be watching our kids they way we would so be careful.
  • If you have little ones a great way to keep them happy and let them sell stuff too is get a group of kids in your area to setup a lemonade stand or their own little shop to sell their toys.
  • Throw a pizza party or cook out with your neighbors after the days event to chill out, relax and compare crazy stories from the day.
  • Most of all get out and ride around and meet some of your neighbors. It’s a great time to catch up and meet new friends in our great neighborhood of Stonegate.

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