Douglas County Working Parents and Top Pre Schools Options Limited

Douglas County Working Parents and Top Pre Schools Options Limited

School Kids

School Kids

Parker Parent Looking for the TOTAL Package in a School!

Please comment below if you have an opinion on this subject and I am certainly open for advice and other good options if you have a system that is working for your family. Please let me know. I would love to pass on the information. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this problem it would be whatever works best for you and your family.

If you are a working family that does not have a Mom or Dad that stays home you may be in for a rude awakening when you go to enroll you kids into top pre school and kindergarten programs in Douglas County Colorado. I’m not only talking about Douglas County Schools but also privately owned schools and faith based schools.

Fact: Did you know Douglas County Schools is now the 3rd largest school system in the State of Colorado?

Opinion: I would also argue that it is also probably one of the wealthiest as well. Douglas County has a large tax base of high income earners.

What I have found personally and through many conversations with other parents is that we are blessed to have many great choices for schools and pre-schools.

The Problem:

Many of the great pre-school and kindergarten programs that we have found are very limited in offering only very short programs and many don’t offer 5 day a week classes.

We recently found a top local school that offers 2 or 3 day a week pre-school programs from 8:30 to 11:45 or 12:45 to 3:30. So if you work how could you possibly manage that? No 5 day a week program. No possible way to only send your kid or kids to school for only 3 hours a day 2-3 days a week. It’s a system that caters to the stay at home Mom or Dad. It’s unfair. To their credit they told us that if there was enough interest they “might” consider offering full day. Well I know a lot of parents that are interested.

We also have great schools that offer 5 day programs but close at 3:00 sharp. So drop off is 8-8:45 and pick up is 3:00. School is from basically 9:00 to 1:00 or 2:00 depending on the age of the student so you pay extra for after care from 1:00 or 2:00 until they close at 3:00.

My question is how many companies let you off at 2:30 so you can go pick up your kids and take them home for the day?


There are day cares that will come pick up your kids and bus them to their site for an afternoon session. I know a lot of people that do that and it seems to work for them but many express sadness in having to have their kids carted around during the day.

I also know that here in Parker there is a place specifically setup for after school care, drop off and recreation activities. I don’t know a lot about it but when we priced it out it was very expensive. Add that to already expensive pre-school and kindergarten.

We have now hired a Nanny to pick up our kids, bring them home and take care of them from 3:00 to 5:00. It works! I can feel comfortable knowing that they are home safe and sound. Some people cannot do this and I know we are lucky to be able to have this option. So, what do people do that are not as fortunate? They are stuck sending their kids to schools that may not be as good or may not be the type of school they want for their kids.

I do know that many of the neighborhood PUBLIC schools offer after school “Enrichment” programs at the kindergarten level. It seems to me that there is about a 50/50 split with parents on this option. Some feel their kids get super bored in these programs since class time ends around lunch and the kids sit around a play most of the afternoon. I hear some even have video games in the classes for the kids to play during the “a. I’m not sure I want my kids playing video games at school to keep them entertained until I pick them up.


Two years ago we were paying $26,000 a year for two kids to go to school. Ages 4 & 2. My neighbor has a child at CSU and he was shocked at what we were paying but I told him I was happy to pay it if it provided what our family needed and at the time it was a SUPER fit for our kids. There are many families in Parker and Douglas County that feel the same way. I hear the discussions at sports practices, gymnastics etc…


The best possible solution would be to have top ranked schools offer full day & week programs so all of us could participate. If you offer a great service people will use it. I for one would be happy to pay for such a service and I know a lot of people that feel the same way.

The one group that I have not mentioned:

The single parent! GOD I do not know how you guys do it. I praise you 1000 times because I could not imagine raising children all on my own. Neither could my wife. It’s beyond my comprehension how you work, pay the bills, and shuttle kids around with only YOU. I admire you for what you are doing.

Good Schools that you may want to consider.

Cozy Pine Montessori

Parker Landing

Parker Montessori

Core Knowledge

North Star

What do you think? Leave a comment below. Like I said I’m looking for options not just for my family but for our friends and neighbors too. If you don’t want to leave a comment call me 303-941-4663 Steven Beam

My next article will be about waiting lists at these schools and why do we have to have waiting lists? Why can’t all the schools be this good?

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