Pradera Golf Club 2009 Year End Real Estate Market Report

Pradera Golf Club 2009 Year End Real Estate Market Report

Here it is. The 2009 real estate market report for The Pradera Golf Club.

Please make sure to see the FULL spreadsheet here of the sales and numbers.

If you consider the pre and post election depression the entire country was in last year and early in 2009 I think the Pradera real estate market did really well. Basically nothing much was selling just after the elections and it took a few months for everyone to cool down before they started re-entering the real estate market. That being said you should take note that while the main market which is homes under the $700,000 level sold really well while the homes priced $800,000 and up fared far worse than the year prior or any previous years. With only 6 homes selling in 2009 with a NET proceeds to the seller of over $900,000 it was a tough year for the higher end homes. However if you look at the sale dates you will quickly notice that  there were three $1 Million + sales in the last 4 months of the year and two $900,000+ sales in May and June. We all know summer is busier but I’ve also always stated that Fall and early Winter are great times to sell.

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Numbers for Pradera for 2009

  • Number of homes sold = 50 for 2009 versus 63 for 2008
  • Highest Priced Home Sold: $1,300,000 for 2009 versus $1,767,000 for 2008
  • Lowest Priced home Sold: $330,000
  • Median Price Sold: $514,450
  • Median Price List: $531,950
  • Median Original List Price: $571,000 (this is before any price reductions)
  • Number of Million Dollar Homes Sold: = 4 for 2009 versus 11 for 2008.
  • Number of homes sold $900,000 to $1 Milllion: = 2 for 2009 versus zero for 2008
  • Number of homes sold $700,000 to $900,000: = 5 for 2009 versus 8 for 2008


  • 2009 NET Volume Sold = 29,840,553
  • 2008 NET Volume Sold = $44,658,403


  • Average Days on Market = 142 for 2009 versus 128 for 2008
  • Average Difference between Original Listing Price and NET Sales Price = 84.7%
  • Average NET Sold Price = $596,811
  • Average Price Per SQFT = $156
  • Average Original Listing Price: = $704,872
  • Average Square Feet: = 3819 (not counting basement)

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