Hail Damage in Parker, Colorado. Roof Replacement.

Stonegate Village, Parker CO

Stonegate Village, Parker CO

The Stonegate neighborhood in Parker Colorado was severely hit with a hail storm in early June. Over the next week we were repeatedly pounded with afternoon hail storms, rain and high winds. Many homes and cars were damaged and insurance claims are a daily occurrence. Hail storms are not new to our area but the devastating hail we did receive was uncommon. For the small section of Stonegate that I live in I do know that of the 7 homes that filed claims 5 of us so far have been approved for new roof replacements. Today they are working on replacing our roof so I thought I would share a few photos below.

The mess and especially the noise makes working out of the house impossible. I’ve stopped by twice to check on the progress and they keep telling me that they will be done today. We’ll see. The roofing foreman said 17 guys will be here to apply the roof after the felt paper is applied.

The insurance adjuster that came out to inspect the damage said our roof had double the required damage needed to qualify for replacement. They measured out an area of 100 square feet on the roof and counted the missing, damaged and freshly split shakes. She was up there for several hours tallying up the damage and filling out her report. All she said to me was “Looks like you will be getting a new roof!”

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Steven Beam is a Parker area Realtor that lives in Stonegate.

Bye, Bye shake roof! I’m happy to see you go.