short sales

April 7, 2011

Hot Real Estate Investment Deals In Parker Colorado

Do you want the “Hot Sheet” with this weeks really awesome investment properties for Parker Colorado? Click Here. We are currently working on a new program that we will have available soon for real estate investors. We all know that the real estate investor is going to be the saving grace of this massive real estate […]
October 29, 2010

A clear and marketable title passes to the new buyer through a Short Sale

A clear and marketable title passes to the new buyer through a Short Sale With all the recent news reports and discussion regarding the alleged fraud and inappropriate paperwork processing many lenders have been accused of in their foreclosure filings it raises an interesting questions in regard to the marketability of the titles issued to subsequent […]
October 29, 2010

Short Sales and your Credit Score?

My credit score is taking a hit! The following is one of the most posed questions I get on a regular basis from my clients. “Is the hit on my credit really less if I do a short sale opposed to letting my property go through foreclosure”? With the secrecy surrounding the credit reporting agencies and […]
October 29, 2010

Short Sale Home Buyers in Parker Colorado

An influx of Short Sale buyers in the Parker Colorado Real Estate Market. As Foreclosuregate heats up in the upcoming months one thing remains clear. Buyers of foreclosed homes will be unsure if their property rights and entitlement to a free and clear title will be absolute. With all the class action lawsuits and other legal […]
October 12, 2010

Common Foreclosure and Short Sale Terms-Parker Colorado

Understanding the terms used in foreclosure. Every Parker, Colorado homeowner facing a possible short sale or foreclosure needs to know this information about options and possibilities that can help you take control of your situation. Too often in Parker and Douglas County Colorado I see homeowners to ashamed or embarrassed to seek out help before it’s […]
October 12, 2010

Parker Colorado Short Sales – Beware of Scams

Beware of scammers when you list your next Parker Colorado Short Sale Before you get ready to list for sale or buy your next Parker Colorado short sale please read this. As with all crises, there creates a money making opportunity for the scam artists of the world. The vulnerability of homeowners facing one of the […]