Hot Real Estate Investment Deals In Parker Colorado

Hot Real Estate Investment Deals In Parker Colorado

Hot Deals in Parker CO Real Estate

Hot Deals in Parker CO Real Estate

Do you want the “Hot Sheet” with this weeks really awesome investment properties for Parker Colorado? Click Here.

We are currently working on a new program that we will have available soon for real estate investors. We all know that the real estate investor is going to be the saving grace of this massive real estate downturn. Investors are going to buy the properties that regular home buyers will not.

Check back over the next few weeks and feel free to attend one of our workshops. It’s FREE and it will be full of informative information about investment opportunities, techniques and several different ways to make money in this market.

PLEASE Send Steve Email or call me 303-941-4663 if you are remotely interested in attending this event. We are hoping to have something scheduled for the next few weeks but would like to gauge attendance so we secure a large enough place.

Current topic ideas.

  • Fix and Flips
  • Rentals
  • Fix and Flips or Rent.
  • Typical fix ups and typical costs associated with fix ups.
  • Who does the fix up? We will have a highly seasoned fix and flip contractor on site with before and after photos that will show you real numbers for real jobs.
  • 203k Streamline Loans
  • Buying in your IRA. Self directed IRA’s are great for buying real estate. How much are you making in you old IRA right now? What if you could draw income from rental properties for life. I have guys making $60,000 a year off rents.
  • Any suggestions?

“I’ve had several of my Doctor clients tell me they are sick of losing cash in the stock market. Give me an investment I can make a steady return on and I will take it all day long.

There is a massive shadow inventory of homes yet to hit the market that the banks are either sitting on or simply have not foreclosed on yet. So will you be a buyer/investor and take part in the easy pickings and make great investments for your financial future or will you be the guy or gal at the party in 10 years saying “boy I could have bought those cheap homes but I didn’t.”

Prices are depressed 8-20+% in some areas so with the foreclosures and short sales hot real estate investment deals are relatively easy to come by.

Vacancy rates across the Denver Metro area are at all time lows. Record lows! Rent prices are up! Interest rates are Low! Homes Prices are low! This is exactly what our parents and every talking head on the NEWS and financial shows all preach is the absolute best time to buy? Your darn right it is. Buy low sell high.

Homes and condos are renting at amazing rates. Homes that were renting for $1,500 to $1,600 a month are now renting easily for $2,000 a month. Condos that were renting for $750 are now renting at $1,000 a month.

Remember all the people losing their homes to foreclosure and short sale still need a place to live. The fact is many of them dread the idea of going back into an apartment. Many of them simply cannot since they now have 2-3 kids. They all need homes.

The unfortunate ones that have lost their homes to short sale or foreclosure are no longer able to buy a home since their credit has been trashed. Most cannot buy a home for at least 3 years. Many cannot buy homes for 5 years.

I have access to amazing contractors for trashed out homes. Access to lenders that know how to complete the loans that can get your up to $35,000 for fix up costs. Lets face it 90% of the so called trashed homes on the market really only need a little cosmetic work to get them back into shape. I rarely see investors spend more than $10,000 to fix up a home to get it ready to rent.

Fix and flips are another possibility. As mentioned above. You can get up to $35,000 to help with fix up costs. Some investors would rather use their own cash and have complete control which is also fine. It’s not difficult to turn a $15,000 profit from a fix and flip property in this market. Many investors are doing much better than that.

I encourage you to call me or send me an email if you are interested. We are going to put this together but we seriously need to se what the community interest level is for this type of presentation.

If you are not interested but know someone that might then email them the link to this article.

Steven Beam is a Realtor, CRS living and working in Parker Colorado.