Explore Colorado: 5 Nearby Attractions in Antelope Heights, Parker

Explore Colorado: 5 Nearby Attractions in Antelope Heights, Parker

Attractions in Antelope Heights, Parker

Looking for attractions in Antelope Heights, Parker, CO to relax and unwind? Luckily, there are many attractions near this charming neighborhood, making getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city this weekend easy.

It’s impossible to determine the town’s best attraction, but you can’t go wrong with a trip to its neighboring areas. The town is surrounded by parks and trails, open spaces, and recreational centers.

If you’re contemplating where to go in Parker, CO, make sure you check out these attractions near Antelope Heights.

5 Nearby Recreation Spots and Attractions in Antelope Heights, Parker, CO

1. Newlin Meadows Park

Newlin Meadows Park is a lovely community rec center that’s ideal for locals and visitors. The park has a basketball court in addition to a large field, making it a great place to play football or other kickball activities. A late afternoon walk in the park lets you enjoy the sunset and the fresh mountain breeze.

2. EchoPark Stadium

The Echo Park Stadium is a fantastic place to enjoy games and events. Getting there by car takes a little under ten minutes from Antelope Heights, Parker, CO. You’ll always have a great view and a good time here, whether you like watching football, soccer, track and field, or any other sport. The hotel has ample parking, spotless bathrooms, and is near an equestrian park.

3. Auburn Hills Community Park

The park offers distinctive interpretive and educational areas. There’s a butterfly garden, weather station, plant life cycle, Colorado wildlife and geology, astronomy, and a seating area for class lectures in an outdoor amphitheater. A shade structure with a table and a port-a-potty are among the park’s other features.

4. McCabe Meadows

A range of facilities is available in McCabe Meadows—a trailhead for the Cherry Creek Trail, a fitness circuit, and shaded areas with tables. There are plenty of fun activities to do here that will keep you moving. Water fountains are also part of the attraction at the 6-acre park. It is also a perfect location for taking photographs.

5. Salisbury Equestrian Park

This park is used by the equestrian community and youth and adult sports leagues. The park has thirty acres of unspoiled open area. On the park’s north side are youth baseball grounds sponsored by the Colorado Rockies. Salisbury’s playground fosters creative play with a non-traditional modern design that appeals to both big and tiny kids.

There are many things to see and do in Antelope Heights, Parker. Make sure you take your family or friends to visit these top attractions that will surely not disappoint you.

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