Stonegate Village Homes for Sale

Stonegate Village Homes for Sale

Rear of home in Stonegate

Stonegate homes for sale

Quickly see all the Stonegate Village homes for sale.

Do you want to send your kids to the top ranked Pine Grove Elementary School? Click this link to see every home currently for sale within the Pine Grove feeder zone. Maybe you want your kids to go to the other top ranked Stonegate elementary school which is Mammoth Heights. Click this link to see all the homes that are for sale that feed into the Mammoth Heights Elementary School.

Also read the latest real estate market report for Stonegate. Stonegate Village Year End Real Estate Report 2013 Here you will see the average price per sqft, average sales price for 2013 in Stonegate Village. Knowing these numbers will help you make an informed buying or selling decision.

Why is Stonegate Village so special and such a highly desirable neighborhood? Stonegate Village has each of the top three items that home buyers request when looking for a new home.

  1. Stonegate Village has an ideal location with super easy access to major roads and shopping.
  2. Stonegate has two top ranked elementary schools within the neighborhood.
  3. Stonegate is famous and for it’s top of the line neighborhood amenities. Parks and open space, two pool areas, clubhouse and meeting rooms and a bike path through the neighborhood that feeds directly onto the Cherry Creek Bike Path.

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