Parker Colorado Real Estate Values

Parker Colorado Real Estate Values

Do you know the real value of your Parker Colorado real estate?

In the past 12 months Parker Colorado real estate has done a complete turn around. Many neighborhoods have gained back all the value that was lost in the market downturn and some neighborhoods have even surpassed old highs. 2013 might be the year sellers have been waiting for to unlock the value in their real estate and make a move.

“Many Realtors in the current market are new Realtors. They never worked in the market boom from 1998 to 2005 so they don’t understand pricing in an up market.”

Many people that have wanted to sell their Parker Colorado Real Estate in the past four years have been waiting for this time to finally make that long awaited move. Buyers are having to compete for good homes with multiple offers and sometimes paying above asking price. My point is don’t sell yourself short but don’t over price your home either. There is a fine line when determining the value of a home so make sure you do your homework plus hire a Realtor with the experience to know market trends.

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Most every Realtor uses a market analysis to price your home which is a proven and acceptable way to determine value. However when a Realtor uses comps that have sold in the past six to nine months to value your home they may not be taking into account the current rate of appreciation for what the house should sell for now.

During 2012 I was pricing homes 2-3% higher than my market analysis showed me. In every case last year I was able to sell the home for more than my original CMA or Competitive Market Analysis showed me. When we are talking Parker Colorado real estate that means a difference of around $9,000 to $12,000 more in a seller’s pocket at the closing table. That is value to the seller.

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I would go on listing appointments and potential sellers would tell me that my suggested market value was higher than the last Realtor they interviewed but when I explained the process they totally understood and walked out of closing happy clients with thousands of dollars extra in their pocket.

Parker CO Realtor, Steven Beam 

Don’t take my word for it look at this recent market report for the Stonegate neighborhood in Parker, CO.

Stonegate 2011 market report.