Stonegate Village Finally Gets Unified Trash Pickup

Stonegate Village Finally Gets Unified Trash Pickup

It’s been a long time coming but Stonegate Village finally gets Unified Garbage pickup. This is something the neighborhood of Stonegate in Parker, Colorado has needed for years. This topic has been discussed for as long as we have lived here but it never seemed to gain momentum.

“The new “single company” trash pick up for Stonegate will begin April 1, 2013.”

The Garbage Man 720-842-4558 has been named the new trash provider for Stonegate Village.

Anyone living in Stonegate Village  knows that we are accustomed to having big noisy garbage trucks in the neighborhood 6 days a week. Hopefully this will eliminate a lot of neighborhood noise and traffic.

The cost for the new garbage and recycling service in Stonegate will be as follows.

Big yellow and green garbage truck.

Stonegate Village Garbage Service

  • The new annual assessment will be $176 which is billed quarterly.
  • This will be prorated for 2013 since the new trash service does not begin until April 1, 2013.
  • Your current trash provider, per the bid rules, should allow you out of your current contract without any penalties.
  • If you have scheduling conflicts around the time of the switch over and will be in need of earlier garbage services The Garbage Man has indicated they will be happy to provide single family household pick up for a $15 per per month charge until the regular service starts April 1, 2013. Contact them at their phone number above.

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