Tips For Selling Your Home in The Winter

Tips For Selling Your Home in The Winter

Thinking of selling your home in the winter?

Selling your home in the winter is generally a very good idea. Maybe even better now than ever. The reason is the super low inventory and higher than normal demand.

“Low interest rates, short supply and high demand for homes is driving the market and prices upward.”

Remember a lot of people by default will not list their homes for sale in the winter. Couple that with already low inventory and you have significantly less competition. I sell a lot of homes in the winter. Why wait until Spring when everyone else will be trying to do the same thing. You know the yearly getting the yard ready, touching up paint and cleaning so they can all hit the market the first week of March or April. Then you will be fighting your neighbor for that coveted relocation buyer who needs a home in 30 days because their company wants them on the job. You have just lost your negotiation power and your final NET sales price just dropped by a few thousand dollars because your neighbor wants out too and will sell for less.

Stack the deck in your favor when you decide to sell your home in the winter. Having a super clean and nice home when there are not many others on the market in the winter is a strong negotiating position. Oh yeah did I say that I have over 24 classroom hours of negotiation courses under my belt and that I hold the Certified Negotiation Expert Designation. Steven Beam is a Parker, CO Realtor.

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A homeowner is selling their home in the winter. House covered in snow with a for sale and foreclosure sign in front of the house.

Home for sale in winter.

Quick tips to remember when selling a home in the winter.

  • Feel free to decorate your home for Christmas. I’ve never heard a negative comment in 14 years from a buyer visiting a home decorated for Christmas. 
  • If it snows you must keep the driveway and sidewalk cleaned off. Especially when the front of your home faces North. The liability is a main reason but also you don’t want buyers and their Realtor tracking in snow onto your clean carpets and hardwood floor.
  • Keep the house warm. I don’t care if you like it 60 degrees in your house. Turn the heat up closer to 70 degrees. If it’s cold in your house buyers will get cold and walk out thus not spending time envisioning their family and furniture in the house and planning their offer.
  • Clean off ice dams. In Colorado we get snow followed by warm days and hot sunshine then cold nights. This causes the snow to melt, run down your sidewalk or even drip onto front steps then turn to slippery ice. If you see this happening clear the ice dam and remove any ice from the walkways. This is a very dangerous situation.
  • Clean off any icicles hanging over walkways too. You don’t want one breaking off and hitting someone in the head.
  • Make sure to shovel the decks and back patios too. Sometimes homeowners get lazy and neglect the backyard after a snowfall. Buyers always want to go peek into the backyard. Even when it’s cold and snowy.
  • Turn the fireplace on. Don’t leave it on all day but if you can flip it on just before the buyer arrives and off when they leave then go for it. Noting is more inviting than a fire in the fireplace. I guarantee you after the buyer looks at the home the Realtor and buyer will stand in front of the fireplace to discuss the cool features of the house and a possible offer before leaving.
  • Blinds open and let the sunshine in. This is a must anytime of the year.
  • Lights on. Don’t make buyers search for light switches. Everyone has the crazy switch that is hidden or hard to find for the  furnace room or basement storage room. Make a habit of turning it on before you leave or be really smart and put it on a motion sensor. They are super cheap and do the trick.

Whatever you personal decision please know that selling a home in the winter is not a bad idea. Don’t let other people who maybe lazy talk you out of selling your home in winter. Selling you home in winter could actually put more money in your pocket and give you a better selling experience.

Steven Beam has been selling real estate for 14 years in Parker, Colorado.