Douglas County Colorado Homes Are Appreciating

Douglas County Colorado Homes Are Appreciating

Douglas County Colorado homes are appreciating.

The median sold price in Douglas County, Colorado is up 9.9%  when comparing October 2011 to October 2012.

  • In October of 2011 a total of 408 homes were sold in Douglas County versus 551 in October 2012. That is a 35% increase in sales.
  • The average sales price in October 2011 for Douglas County, Colorado homes was $328,638 and $341,022 for October 2012. That is a very nice 3.8% jump in average sales price for Douglas County homes.
  • Look at this! The average days on market for Douglas County, Colorado real estate in October 2011 was 105 days on market compared to 62 days on market for October 2012. That is a – 40.7% decrease in days on market.
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Real Estate Road heading up.

Year to date stats for Douglas County, Colorado Home Sales.

This will compare the first 10 months of 2011 to the first 10 months of 2012.

  • Sold homes 4,309 versus 5,459 up 26.7%.
  • New listings on the market 7,352 versus 7,606 up 3.5%.
  • Average Days on Market 113 versus 79 down 30%.
  • Average Sold Price was up 2.3%.

Everyone has been complaining about the overall lower inventory levels as being the catalyst for the upward movement but it looks like we actually had 3.5% more new listings hit the market than 2011.

How much is your Douglas County, Colorado Home Worth?

The big number is that there were 35% more homes sold in October of 2012 than in October of 2011. For Douglas County home sales I think that is a huge number.

Call it what you want but there is one thing you cannot argue with and that is the fact that now is a great time to sell your Douglas County Colorado home. If you have been a fence sitter for the past 2-5 years you may now be experiencing the real estate market you have been waiting for.

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