How Much is Your Douglas County Home Worth?

How Much is Your Douglas County Home Worth?

If you are considering selling your home or refinancing then finding out how much your Douglas County home is worth should be number one on the priority list.

How can you find out how much your Douglas County home is worth?

Here are a few.

Home Value

Home Value

A property appraisal is one way. This will run you a minimum of about $400 depending on the property and is definitely the most accurate. Or, at least it is supposed to be.

You can also ssk Steven Beam to complete a market analysis of your property. This is the closest thing to an appraisal without spending $400. This is NOT a superficial computer generated price. I will find viable comparable SOLD properties going back 7-12 months, personally look at local sales stats and features of the comparable properties and use my over 12 years of local real estate experience to determine what the home or property is worth. I will give you a reasonable price range showing what the house should sell for.

Having sold hundreds of homes in Douglas County Colorado I have an excellent track record and proven results so you can feel confident in my Market Analysis.

Even though I do not lend money I have helped many curious homeowners get their homes refinanced by helping them locate good comparable properties and know the value of their homes before they start the refi process. Going to a lender with good solid comps in hand before you even apply for the refi loan will lend credit to you property’s value.

“Did you know that most good lenders will call a Realtor friend to check the comps on your property once you initiate or inquiry about the refinancing process? They want to know from a Realtor first what the property is worth. “

If you are looking for an inaccurate value and wrong sales information you can try one of the large corporate sites. Starting off on the wrong foot is usually not a good way to begin the serious task of finding real value in your property. The national sites have publicly admitted to not having correct information yet they still continue to push out bad stats to the public.

Quickly and easily find out what your Douglas County Home is worth right here. It takes about 60 seconds to fill out the form.