Don’t Get Left Holding The Bag

Interest Rates
Interest Rates

If you still have not refinanced your home loan into a new lower interest rate you might get left holding the bag.  Rates are still hovering around the 4% and even under the 4% level. What are you waiting for.

“Today I’ve seen rates as low as 3.35% for a 30 year fixed mortgage.”

With the European debt crisis and Asian countries purposefully slowing down their economies I would think that it should be enough to warrant a refinance.

Refinancing your home at these super low rates will give you and your family peace of mind and security for the long haul. Many people refinancing right now are shaving hundreds of dollars off their monthly payment. Cash flow is the key. Cutting a few hundred dollars from your monthly bills will free up more cash for investments and maybe even that investment property you have always wanted to add to your portfolio.

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