Parker Days Starts Today. Carnival Fun in Parker Colorado

Parker Days Starts Today. Carnival Fun in Parker Colorado

Parker Days Carnival

Parker Days Carnival

Parker Colorado | Parker Days

Parker Days Starts today June 11, 12 & 13th.

Parker Days is a big carnival held each year right here in Parker Colorado. Kids across Douglas County look forward to this each and every summer.

They set it up differently this year so be prepared. All the rides are now up on the hill away from the center of town. Up by the RTD parking lot.

The arts and crafts and food booths are still in the center of town and in O’Brien Park.


  • Make sure to bring your own water. Drink and food lines are long and the carnival food stinks. Except the funnel cakes.
  • Load up on sunscreen. Being up on the hill this year we should have a decent breeze but the sun is still going to cook you.
  • Go early or late. Mid day is packed. The teenagers inhabit the park at night so the lull between the teens and mid day is usually good.
  • Strollers are a must for small kids. Especially now that they have moved the rides up the hill from town.


Hopefully they will allow us to use the RTD station up near the rides. It looks like behind Parker Station may also be available but they had a guy standing there checking to see if you were a Parker Station visitor or Carnival visitor.

The always good parking across from O’Brien Park on the West side of Parker Road is easy too. Just walk through the tunnel instead of trying to cross Parker Road. Safer and easier.

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