Colorado Ski Season is Here! Have fun with your KIDS!

Colorado Ski Season is Here! Have fun with your KIDS!

“These are two young skiers hanging out in Breckenridge and getting on their dance moves on. Garrett & Reno are famous for their dance extravaganzas after a hard day of skiing.”

“If you haven’t notice the Colorado Ski season for 2009 and 2010 is OPEN and ready for YOU!”

I’m a huge fan of having fun with my kids so I wanted to try and get more families out of the house and onto the slopes this year. A ski trip is a lot more than just skiing. Check out the video above and you will see that we have loads of fun before and after skiing as well. This was an impromptu dance session after a dinner out in Breckenridge at Rasta Pasta. They liked the music so they decided to get up and work off a few calories.

Skii doesn’t need to be expensive either. If you don’t have a season pass (shame on you) then go to King Scoopers or one of the local ski shops and get hugely discounted tickets or go with a friend that has a PASS and they will get you great rates on a lift ticket.

A few other quick easy ways to save money skiing in Coloado:

  1. Car pool! This is the best way to save.
  2. King Scoopers or Ski shop for discounted tickets.
  3. Check online for discounted tickets.
  4. Take your lunch-This is huge and can save $50 for a family of four.
  5. Save time & money by renting your skis ahead of time in Denver or wherever you live on the Front Range.
  6. Go skiing with a buddy that has a season pass and they can get you a discount ticket.
  7. Save time by leaving the slopes at around 2:00. Less traffic on the way home.
  8. Lenny’s Ski and Golf on Arapahoe Road rents skis for the year for kids and adults.
  9. Sports Authority Rents skis for the year for kids and daily rentals for adults.


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