Open house? Yes/No? Do homes sell at open houses?

Open house? Yes/No? Do homes sell at open houses?

This Colorado real estate broker gets asked all the time about open houses and whether they work or whether they are worth the time and effort to make them happen.

Ever wonder if you need to have an open house to sell your home? Want to know what I think? All I have to say is “they can sell at the open house but not often.” It is very rare to sell a house at an open house. How was that for a quick answer?

Video has taken the place of open houses but below I will answer a few questions about open houses.

“Open houses are great if you live in a “hot neighborhood” and there might be relocation buyers or move up buyers trolling the area.”

Most asked questions about open houses.

  • Yes-I am one of the very few brokers that have actually sold homes at the open house. Very rare!
  • I mostly use open houses to get a first hand account of what the buying, usually snooping public and your neighbors think about the house.
  • Yes 95% of the first open house traffic will be your neighbors. They watch to see you leave, make sure you are gone for good and then walk over and check out your place.
  • Open houses usually last 2-4 hours depending on the amount of time agreed upon between you and your broker.
  • Yes you need to have the house in better than show condition. If I’m going to take 2-4 hours of my weekend and sit in your house I want it perfectly spotless. I will not come over and shovel your driveway in the snowy season to do an open house and I will not vacuum the house either. Have it ready to go with ALL lights on when the broker arrives.
  • Yes have the lawn perfectly mowed and manicured for the open house. Clean and neat is always better.
  • No you do not need to make cookies but that is nice. Brokers and visitors will certainly eat most of them before the end of the day.
  • Schedule the open house at least 10 days prior to the actual date. Last minute open houses are futile. It just isn’t enough time to advertise and get the information out on the web. People do actually search the internet for weekend open houses so brokers need time to upload all that information and let it percolate for several days before the actual open house day.
  • Color flyers are a must. Yes I have stopped in open houses to se brokers handing out B&W flyers at the open house. LAZY and CHEAP. Do it right!
  • Lastly get out of the house and stay gone the entire time. Nothing bugs brokers more than when owners are constantly popping in and out of the house during the open house. It makes it very difficult for buyers to speak openly about your home for sale if you are standing there making lunch for junior.

I’m less of an open house junkie now than I used to be. Years ago open houses were a must. I think with the introduction of VIDEO and massive amounts of photos online buyers have less need and time for open house visitations. Video is where the future is headed so ask your broker why they don’t use it then call me for an interview and I will show you how video is the dominate player in the real estate market today. Steven Beam 303-941-4663.

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