Garden of the Gods is cheap fun for kids and family!

Garden of the Gods is cheap fun for kids and family!

Garden of the Gods


Fun things to do with kids in Colorado. Do you live in Parker, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock or Metro Denver? Looking for a quick, inexpensive fun day for kids and the entire family? Here’s your FREE recession buster day away from home with the kids.

Head out to Colorado Springs and visit the Garden of the Gods. This is ALWAYS a great place to spend the day and this is one of our family’s favorites! These is no admission and the only cost is the gas to get you there.

Getting there: Take I-25 South to Colorado Springs and take the Garden of the Gods exit and follow the signs to the park. ENJOY!

How we did it: We packed a lunch, drinks and plenty of sun screen and had a blast. There are stroller friendly paths, bike trails and hiking trails. There are picnic tables and shady spots but be prepared for crowds and sun unless you take the time to find your own area. We can almost always find a nice private spot if we look hard enough. Rock climbing is available although we have never tried it. I would suggest spending the $4 per ADULT and $2 per CHILD to watch the movie in the visitors center. The movie is only 20 minutes so small kids can handle it. The movie graphically shows how the rock spires were formed and what they are made of. It also tells you of the past inhabitants of the area. The view of the park from The Garden of the Gods Visitors Center is spectacular. You can see many of the landmarks inside the park plus direct views of Pikes Peak in the background.i would suggest bike helmets for smaller kids if you plan on letting them scramble on the rocks. There’s plenty of small rock areas that let small kids feel like big time rick climbers.

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Don’t forget the sun screen!

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