Custom Homes The Timbers Neighborhood, Parker, CO

Custom Homes The Timbers Neighborhood, Parker, CO

The Timbers, Misty Pines and High Prairie Farms

Custom Homes in The Timbers Neighborhood, Parker, CO. The Timbers is one of few places where you can buy a custom-built home on a large lot with trees and mountain views. There are a little over 1,000 homes that encompass The Timbers, High Prairie Farms, and Misty Pines.

Did you know that the average sale price for a home in The Timbers for 2021 was $1,353,299 which is up 26% over 2020?  Also, the average price per total square foot for w Timbers Custom home was $225.40 which is up 22% over 2020.

Custom Homes in The Timbers Neighborhood

The Timbers are 100% custom-built homes on lots that are typically around half an acre. A few of the homes have one-third acre lots and several of lots are almost a full acre. The average size home is just over 5,000 square feet yet we have some that are in the 4,500 square foot range up to almost 10,000 sqft. Mountain Contemporary is the style of choice and buyers sometimes call it the “Colorado Beaver Creek Style.”

The neighborhood is known as The Timbers because we are one of the few neighborhoods with old-growth Ponderosa Pines. This thick forest is what really sets our neighborhood apart. Yes, I live and work in The Timbers Neighborhood. The rolling hills, neighborhood paths, vast open space, and pocket parks really make for a beautiful place to call home.

Custom Homes The Timbers Neighborhood, Parker, CO

Custom Homes in The High Prairie Farms Neighborhood

High Prairie Farms is unique for its extra-large lots and mostly big mountain views. Lots in High Prairie Farms are typically around 2.5 acres and many homes have beautiful long driveways. Originally owners were allowed to keep horses here but that has changed over time. To my knowledge, there are only a few lots left that have the right to own and keep a horse on the property. High Prairie Farms is ideal because it is rather close to the front of the neighborhood for quick access into town.

High Prairie Farms is one of the original filings or sections in the encompassing Pinery Neighborhood. The Pinery neighborhood just to the north was the original neighborhood and encompasses The Timbers, High Prairie Farms, and Misty Pines. Some of the homes in High Prairie Farms also have the added benefit of backing to the Pinery Golf Course.  Golf course, mountain, city, and meadow views are amazing from these homes. High Prairie Farms HOA info.

Custom Homes in The Misty Pines Neighborhood

Misty Pines is one of my personal favorite spots and the place where buyers are often caught off guard by the views. If you are willing to put in the effort to remodel these homes you just might find a hidden gem in Misty Pines. Large treed lots and long-range views are the norms.

The homes are older and some need updating but I believe it is well worth the time and expense in the long run. You simply cannot find lots like this anywhere else in the Denver Metro. Misty Pines is perched high in the rolling hills closer to the back or east side of development. Heavily treed lots provide extra privacy and after a big snowfall, it’s one of our favorite places to walk.

High Prairie Farms Custom Home

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Homes for sale The Timbers, High Prairie Farms, and Misty Pines.