What You Need To Know About The Group Fitness Classes at Parker Recreation Center

What You Need To Know About The Group Fitness Classes at Parker Recreation Center

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Ready to move to Parker, CO, but unsure of the fitness options? The Yak has you covered! With group fitness classes at Parker Recreation Center, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

Whether you’re an athlete or someone who wants to start the journey of getting fit, Parker Recreation Center has a program for you.

While there’s more info at the link above, you can learn more about the group fitness classes here.

3 Things You Need To Know About The Group Fitness Classes at Parker Recreation Center

1. Types of Group Fitness Classes

Parker Recreation Center offers a wide range of classes for all fitness levels. For groups, here are the types you need to know about:

  • In-Person

In-Person classes are available at the Parker Recreation Center. They offer the option of in-person in facility training or outside the facility. Group training is for four people. New and existing clients are welcome.

  • Virtual

Are you shy? The recreation center has the answer for you with virtual workouts with the recreation center’s professionals; you can get up and move from the comfort of your own home. The virtual class is composed of only 99 participants to ensure the quality of the course, and virtual classes are not only limited to the Parker residents. 

Can you think of a better use for Zoom?

2. Schedule

Group fitness classes are held every day at different times. You can find the group fitness schedule on their website. Click here to learn about class schedules, formats, instructors, and substitutes.

3. Fees

If you don’t have a membership or pass for in-person classes, you must check in at the front desk and pay the daily entry fee. The rates for passes range from $7 to $77, depending on age group and type.

If you plan on joining virtual group fitness classes, there are two paid choices. They have Weekly Virtual Group Fitness Access for only $10 and are available Monday through Saturday. They also have monthly virtual group fitness for only $30, where you may gain access to a virtual group fitness program for the entire month.

If you are an active member holder, you join the class for free, but you still need to register.

Hopefully, this article helps you know more about the fitness classes offered at Parker Recreation Center. 

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