The Bradbury Ranch Neighborhood, Parker, CO

The Bradbury Ranch Neighborhood, Parker, CO

bradbury ranch in parker colorado

Considering living in Bradbury Ranch neighborhood in Parker, CO? When planning to relocate, it’s always good to know what you can about the neighborhoods in the area.

Here’s a hint—the neighborhoods of Auburn Hills and Bradbury Ranch are actually the same. Although they have two different HOAs and names, they are, in fact, the same neighborhood.

Although the community’s official name is Bradbury Ranch, the signage at the entrances to the neighborhoods are all different, which confuses everyone. To guide you, here are other important details you need to know.

4 Things You Need to Know About Living in Bradbury Ranch Neighborhood

1. Location

Bradbury Ranch is located along Jordan Road and Mainstreet. Since Mainstreet has opened up all the way to I-25 and Lincoln Ave is just to the north, getting to I-25 has never been easier.

Commute times are, depending on traffic, 25 to 45 minutes to downtown Denver, Colorado. You can easily get downtown in 25 minutes throughout the day with light traffic.

2. Amenities

Residents of Bradbury Ranch have access to a community pool, bike, and walking pathways. There are also tennis facilities, plenty of open space, and pocket parks for children to play. However, not all homes have access to the neighborhood pool, so make sure you check before buying a new home here.

Living in Bradbury Ranch also gives you direct community access to the Cherry Creek Bike Path. Kids can also use this bike lane to get to their neighbors’ houses, giving them a safer alternative to riding bikes on the road.

3. Shopping and Dining Options

Residents living in Bradbury Ranch have access to several shopping and dining options. You can dine in nearby restaurants like Las Delicias 4 and Little Caesars, while you can shop for your various wants and needs at Flatacres Marketcenter or Parker Valley Center.

4. Homeowners Association (HOA)

The HOA costs of the neighborhood are quite low. HOA fees vary depending on your specific location, but they can range from $85 per month to $404 per quarter.

The majority of residences have access to the community pool, and the community provides garbage collection. Ground care for the common areas is also included.

There are so many exciting and sought-after neighborhoods in Parker, Colorado, that it can be hard to know where to start. The Bradbury Ranch neighborhood is a wonderful place to consider moving to. Hopefully, this helps you learn more about the area.

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