Top 5 Dog Groomers in Parker, CO

Top 5 Dog Groomers in Parker, CO

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Grooming your dog is an essential part of their health and well-being. It’s not just about how good they’ll look but also how they’ll feel. Grooming prevents hair mats that may harm your dog’s skin. It also reduces shedding and itching for both you and your pet!

Dog groomers in Parker, CO not only make sure that your furry friend is fresh and clean but also take care of all their needs with a sense of love and responsibility.

When it comes to keeping your dog clean and looking great, you will need to find someone who’s an expert at this. Parker, CO has a lot of dog groomers. This is a short list of our favorites based on what our clients have told us.

5 Best Dog Groomers in Parker, CO

1. Scratch Me No More In Home Dog Nail Care – 19831 Rosewood Ct, Parker, CO 80138

If you have a dog who doesn’t like going to the groomers due to anxiety, then you should give this small business a chance! Scratch Me No More is based in Downtown Parker but provides nail trims, nail grinding, and touch-up packages for dogs in the environment where they feel the most comfortable and least amount of stress—their own home.

2. Camp Bow Wow – 10325 S Progress Way, Parker, CO 80134

Conveniently located at the center of Parker, Camp Bow Wow® provides bathing and nail trimming services to any dog size. They have a dog day care facility that will treat your dog to a fun and active day.

3. Pawsh – 6280 Progress Ln, Parker, CO 80134

Pawsh is the go-to pet groomer for residents in Parker, CO. They offer several packages, but their basic one is enough to keep your dog well-groomed. Their creative extras are also worth checking out. You can try to have your dog’s nails painted or have them wear extensions. I know…sounds goofy but folks we talk to love it!

4. ManeStreet Grooming – 17002 Mainstreet Suite K, Parker, CO 80134

Conveniently located near Auburn Hills, Bradbury Ranch, and Clark Farms, ManeStreet Grooming offers different packages depending on your dog breed, but the “Rodeo Drive” is the most popular among them. If your dog is a double-shedding breed, their “Hollywood Boulevard” is a must-try.

5. Heritage Pet – 18648 Longs Way Suite 101, Parker, CO 80134

Heritage Pet is a pet groomer in Parker, CO, serving the community for over 30 years. It’s conveniently located near Downtown Parker and other neighborhoods. Fur parents also love their mobile grooming van as they bring their pet grooming services to you.

Having a good grooming routine is important as a pet owner. You want to make sure that your home stays clean, your dog is healthy, and that they are happy.

Parker, CO is a great place to live for dog lovers. It is surrounded not only by dog groomers but also by several dog-friendly amenities. If you’re ready to own your next home in Parker, CO, please click here for our contact page. We’d love to help you find a home that’s perfect for you, yours and your dog, too!

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