5 Nearby Restaurants In Cottonwood, Parker, CO To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

5 Nearby Restaurants In Cottonwood, Parker, CO To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Restaurants in Cottonwood, Parker, CO

Looking for restaurants in Cottonwood, Parker, CO to dine with family and friends? You’re in the right place! A well-established neighborhood, Cottonwood in Parker, CO, features a big and open space with pathways, ballfields, and playgrounds. However, despite its superb amenities, residents are limited with options for a fine dining experience.

Fortunately, there are a number of restaurants nearby Cottonwood in Parker, CO. With several options less than fifteen minutes away, locals and residents alike can look for something to satisfy their taste buds.

5 Nearby Restaurants in Cottonwood, Parker, CO

1. The Perfect Landing Restaurant – 6 min

The Perfect Landing Restaurant is Denver’s hidden gem which serves delectable cuisine from breakfast to dinner. The restaurant’s specialties are steak and seafood. But, there are also several other menu options to pick from. Start your dinner with tasty appetizers, soups, and salads.

Outside the restaurant’s windows, take in the beautiful view of Pikes and Longs Peak. Stop by the lounge in the evenings and listen to live music while sipping a drink.

2. Dancing Noodle – 10 min

The Dancing Noodle is a family-owned business that uses homemade recipes and prepares the cuisine in the same manner as they would for their own families. This means no pre-packaged ingredients, no jars of off-the-shelf sauces, and no microwaved readymade appetizers.

This is the real reason why the cuisine is so good here: no cutting corners in food prep. Every meal is prepared with the same love and attention as if it were for a family. Dancing Noodle, which is only 10 minutes away from Cottonwood, Parker, CO by car, has a small, cozy dining room. Although it is fairly cozy, you might want to order to go to avoid having to wait for a table.

3. Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant – 12 min

One should not miss this delectable restaurant which is only twelve minutes away from Cottonwood, Parker, CO. Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant is located in the Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree region, serving delicious Italian cuisine. Some of their menu that locals rave about is their Garlic Knots and Chicken Parmigiana.

They also highlight fun neighborhoods and superb value. You can also rent the place to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and other intimate events.

4. Seasons 52 – 11 min

Eleven minutes away from Cottonwood in Parker, CO Seasons 52 offers an upscale dining experience. The restaurant offers a rotating menu of seasonal American dishes and international wines. At Seasons 52, you can dine or drink in style and comfort.

The restaurant’s menu changes with the seasons ranging from freshly sourced meats and seafood to whole produce that arrives and never gets frozen. There are no fries or fryers in the entrees—all-natural, light, and flavorful. You can also order world-class wines and signature cocktails at The Wine Bar.

5. The White Chocolate Grill – 13 min

The White Chocolate Grill is a high-end, modern restaurant only 13 minutes away from Cottonwood in Parker, CO. The restaurant features an elegant ambiance and a refined American menu. In-house, made-from-scratch preparations give each meal a one-of-a-kind touch.

Filet Mignon Cobb salad, Prime Rib French dip, and Wood-Fired Citrus-Soy Glazed Salmon are among the dishes on the menu. Finish your meal with one of the restaurant’s renowned white chocolate desserts for a really unforgettable meal.

Nobody should miss a chance to eat at these best restaurants near Cottonwood, Parker, CO. So, indulge your taste buds with one of the most delicious dishes offered at these notable restaurants.

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