6 Do’s and Don’ts When Doing Home Renovation in Parker

6 Do’s and Don’ts When Doing Home Renovation in Parker

Home Renovation in Parker

Home renovation in Parker is becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve the comfort of a home. You can expect your renovations to cost thousands of dollars, regardless of whether you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

Home renovations aren’t easy either. Apart from the costs, you will also have to spend so much time doing it.

To avoid the potential pitfalls of home renovation, here are six important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before starting any of your home renovation projects.

What To Do and Avoid When Doing Home Renovations in Parker

1. Do Make A Plan

Nothing can throw off your renovation plans as much as not having one to start with. Don’t start a renovation project before you know where it is going. Describe your project in general terms, as well as in specific terms. Making choices in advance, like choosing colors, ensures that you avoid issues later on.

2. Don’t Forget The Big Picture

Though your renovation may look great now, how will it look in five years? Don’t invest lots of money in renovations you don’t think will last. Keep in mind how your renovations will impact maintenance and costs in the long run.

Energy-efficient windows, for instance, are probably a better investment than old-style windows that lose heat.

3. Don’t Hire A Contractor Based on Price

Hire a contractor to help you with your renovations, but don’t depend solely on the price. Lower labor costs may be attractive, but you may also compromise on the quality of the workmanship.

Consider hiring a highly qualified professional who is licensed and insured. Request references and past work examples. Making an effort to find the right contractor will help you add value to your home.

4. Do Have A Budget in Mind

Staying within a budget during a renovation has been the biggest challenge for homeowners so far. Even so, setting a budget is still a good idea. The stress associated with a renovation can be reduced by knowing upfront what things will cost.

Keep track of the amount you want to spend once you have determined the general amount. Be sure to budget for any unexpected expenses or overages as well. The rule of thumb is to put aside 10 to 20 percent of your budget for unexpected expenses.

5. Do Consider Hiring A Professional

A professional who specializes in home renovations is a good choice if you don’t have the know-how. Makeovers should be completed correctly the first time to save time and money. Make sure you listen to your contractor. He or she will provide invaluable insight, which should be considered in the planning process.

6. Don’t Do It Yourself

Doing home renovations on your own may seem like a good idea, but not always. Having the ability to hang pictures with a drill is not the same thing as installing a completely new bathroom. Make sure you understand what you’re getting into if you’re considering a DIY renovation.

Planning ahead and following do’s and don’ts will help your renovation go smoothly and safely.

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