How Much Do Homes In Stonegate Village Cost?

How Much Do Homes In Stonegate Village Cost?

How Much Do Homes In Stonegate Village Cost?

Look at this. Home prices in Stonegate Village for 2016 have skyrocketed. The average sale price is now $432,159 and the average price per square foot is now $137.32.

Is this market run sustainable in Stonegate Village? Yes, if people continue to move to Colorado at record numbers and businesses continue to move here and relocate their workers here. It’s all about Lifestyle and Colorado certainlly has a great lifestyle.

What do homes in Stonegate Village cost?

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Last year over 100,000 people moved into Colorado. Builders are doing everything they can to try and keep up with demand but even with their best efforts we are seeing shortages of available homes. Many home buyers cannot stand the thought of waiting 12 to 24 months to have a home built so resale homes are typically the route they choose. This is great for Stonegate!

In the last 30 days there has been a bit of a reprieve. There are definitly more homes on the market and buyers actually have a choice. Some overly greedy sellers are having to do price reductions and appraisers are also calling foul on some contract prices. I’m hearing daily stories of appraisals not coming back at contract price and some appraisals are coming back more than $10,000 under contract price. The lesson here is that the market is great for sellers so don’t abuse the system…too much!

How much do homes in Stonegate Village cost?

From January to July 2016 in Stonegate.

  • Number of homes sold 65
  • Average days on market 22
  • Average sales price $432,159
  • Highest sale price $590,000
  • Lowest sales price $340,000
  • Average price per sqft above ground $189.97
  • Average price per sqft total sqft $ 137.32
  • Average difference from asking to selling price 99.19%
  • Average original asking price $431,678

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Stonegate Village Home Prices Up 7% in 2015

If you are wondering how much homes in Stonegate Village cost then look below at the current active inventory.