Plant Bulbs in the Fall for Early Spring Flowers

Plant Bulbs in the Fall for Early Spring Flowers

Fall 2014 is not too early to start getting your home ready to sell in Spring 2015.

Planting bulbs in the Fall is the easiest way to guarantee great curb appeal for you property in early Spring. Bulbs typically bloom first and really give  a pleasant ‘Pop” to your landscaping in early Spring.

Blue, white and yellow flowers. Bulbs planted in the Fall bring beautiful Spring flowers.

Plant bulbs in the Fall

I’m not a Master Gardner and you don’t have to be either to make bulbs work. All you need is a bulb planting tool or small spade and a place to plant the bulbs.

I suggest checking out Brecks. You can get more bulbs than you can probably plant for under $100. I have a huge area to cover in my own yard and I ordered almost 200 bulbs and they costs me $125. Right now they offer great discounts and have several coupons available.

I ordered the bulbs on a Monday and they were at my house in a week. Ready to go.

Brecks also has great ideas and TIPS to help you see how and where to plant them.

Curb appeal and make or break you home sale. Spend a few hours outside this Fall and plant some bulbs. It could add a few thousand dollars to the sale of your home next Spring. If you would like an in home consultation of what to do to get your home ready to sell let me know. I will be happy to stop in and walk room by room through your house and give you pointers. I have over 15 years of real estate experience and I’m happy to help. Email Steve for an in home appointment to get your home ready to sell

If you want really easy curb appeal for your home then try planting bulbs in the Fall.