Average Sales Price in Horse Creek Neighborhood?

Average Sales Price in Horse Creek Neighborhood?

In Parker, Colorado the average sales price in the Horse Creek neighborhood is now at $394,404.

The comment I hear most from buyers when we are starting their home search is “I love the location of the Horse Creek Neighborhood.” Over the past 24 months it hasn’t always been easy to find an active home on the market in Horse Creek simply because the inventory has been so low. Typically if my buyer is lucky enough to be ready to buy when a home in Horse Creek is available they will jump on it.

Find out what your home is worth in Horse Creek.

Full spreadsheet of all the sold homes in Horse Creek for 2014. January 1 to October 1, 2014.

Horse Creek Neighborhood Sign

Horse Creek Neighborhood Sign

Horse Creek by the numbers. These are all the homes that have sold and closed and been reported in the MLS.

These homes all sold between January 1, 2014 and October 1, 2014.

  • Average Sales price $394,404
  • Average days on Market 27.5
  • Average asking price in Horse Creek $402,630
  • Average price per sqft above ground $160.97 (even with all the appreciation over the past 24 months this is still a good value for your money)
  • Average price per finished sqft $142.63
  • Average price per total sqft $104.99 (Excellent value for your money.)

If you buy in Horse Creek this is what an average house that sold so far in 2014 will look like.

  • Average bedrooms 3.76 (I’m not sure how you get a .76 bedroom but that was the average so I’m sticking to it.) 
  • Average baths 3.5
  • Average above ground sqft 2,494
  • Average to finished sqft 2,885
  • Average total sqft 3,806

Contact Steven Beam for more detailed information. See where Horse Creek is located in Parker on our Parker Colorado Neighborhood Map.