Pinery Glen Neighborhood Parker CO Home Values

Pinery Glen Neighborhood Parker CO Home Values

Photo of the exterior of the home located at 20606 Willowbend Lane, Parker, CO 80138

20606 Willowbend Lane, Parker, CO 80138

2014 home sales numbers for the Pinery Gen neighborhood in Parker Colorado.

Why am I posting this again when I just posted the numbers a little over a month ago? It’s simple…I receive a ton of phone calls from buyers looking to get into this neighborhood. Also, I have a buyer looking to buy in there right now so I had to run the numbers anyway to see if the market was still where it was last month.

As I suspected the prices have come down as winter is fast approaching and the average price per sqft is down about $2. Two dollars doesn’t sound like much but on an average home in The Pinery Glen neighborhood that is about a $4,000 price reduction. If I was buying it would matter to me.

The Pinery Glen is sometimes referred to as Pinery West or Pinery Southwest. Anyway, it is located across the main entrance to the Pinery and The Timbers neighborhoods and adjacent to Pradera Golf Club neighborhood. It’s about 4 miles out of mainstreet in Parker, Colorado.

June is definitely the best month for closings in Pinery Glen. My advice would be to have you home ready to list and sell in April for a May or June closing. Homes sell faster in those two months and buyers are ready to make the move.

  • Average sale price in the Pinery Glen Neighborhood = $285,231
  • Average days on market 19 (this is up 7 days over the past month.
  • Average price per above ground sqft $157.61
  • Average price per total sqft $112.49
  • Average asking price $288,229
  • Highest sale price in 2014 so far $332,900
  • Lowest sale price for 2014 $222,000

Here is a link to the spreadsheet with all of the homes that have sold and closed in the Pinery Glen neighborhood for 2014.