Do You Need a Listing Plan When Selling Your Home?

Do You Need a Listing Plan When Selling Your Home?

You must have a listing plan when you sell your home.

My seller pocketed an extra $9,000 by having a listing plan!

In this crazy real estate market a well thought out listing plan that is executed properly can pay off big for a seller. Most people think that the market is good so anyone can sell a home quickly. Maybe you can but you will not get top dollar and you will not see multiple offers over asking price. Or, maybe you do get multiple offers but you probably don’t set a new record selling price for the neighborhood. I just did. Oh, and it was one of the smaller homes in the entire neighborhood and it didn’t even have a basement. It’s true. Record selling price for a home without a basement in Parker,CO in the New Horizons neighborhood.

Little man stacking the letters to spell PLAN

Listing Plan

“It took about two weeks of hard work by the seller and pre-listing marketing by me but it turned into $9,000 for my seller in the end.”

After two weeks of hard work by the seller to get the home in show condition and two meetings to discuss pricing strategies we totally nailed it. I will not openly discuss exactly what we did but I will share the results.

As I said before. This home didn’t have a basement and was in a neighborhood full of homes that do have basements. We had our work cut out for us. This was no slam dunk listing that was automatically going to be gobbled up. We had a totally different floor plan and that can be a major hurdle when selling a home.

The two weeks of pre-marketing and day of listing marketing allowed us to secure 25 showings in 5 hours and 6 offer over asking price within 24 hours. 

The bottom line was that we sold the home for $9,000 more than we were asking and my seller was giggling all the way to the bank on the day of closing.

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