Plant Flowers To Help Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Plant Flowers To Help Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Flowers are a huge help when selling your home and improving the curb appeal of your home.

Spending a weekend outside in your yard a week or two before you list your home for sale can add several thousands of dollars to your bottom line when closing time rolls around. Nothing helps the sale of your home better than the first impression. Flowers, green grass and trimmed shrubs will instantly make buyers feel comfortable.

“A beautiful yard with flowers will put a buyer more at ease when they approach your home to view the inside.”

How do flowers help curb appeal?

Think about it. We all love photos online but pulling up to a house for the first time and actually seeing it can be a game changer. Most Realtors have professional photographers take the interior and exterior shots of the homes before they list the home in the MLS. These are paid pros so they know how to make a home look amazing online. When home buyers see it in person it better stack up to the photos you posted or buyers will be instantly bummed out. Believe me I’ve been in homes many times when buyers will say “wow this house sucks in person compared to the photos.” You never want to hear that. 

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Home seller Tip: If your yard looks great from the moment they spot the house as they drive down the street to the moment they walk through the front door their mind is at ease. They are already feeling at home and more relaxed.

Having great curb appeal really can add thousands of dollars to the final sale price of your home.

Flowers for Spring help curb appeal of homes

Flowers help curb appeal

I’m not talking about planting a yard full of flowers. I’m suggesting a hanging basket or nice decorative pots of flowers around the front door or walk way. Just a little something to add a pop when they drive and walk up to the house. Flowers really to help curb appeal.

No fake or silk or plastic flowers should be anywhere outside. EVER!

Bonus home seller tip: On a side note the quickest way I’ve found to green up a yellow lawn is Scotts spray on fertilizer. The stuff is like magic. It sprays on with your garden hose. It’s absorbed super fast into the grass and usually most yards turn deep green within 10 days. I’m not kidding you should try it. I’ve been telling clients to use this for years and they love me for it.

If you are considering selling your home but need a little guidance on what exactly needs to be done call me. I will be happy to stop over and walk your house and yard with you and tell you exactly what needs to be done to sell the house and make it look beautiful for showings.  Steven Beam 303-941-4663.