Sedalia Colorado Homes Land and Horse Property

Sedalia Colorado Homes Land and Horse Property

I believe most people have all dreamed of owning land in Colorado or a Colorado Ranch at come point. Well last week that dream came true for one of my clients. They purchased a beautiful 36 acre property with a large home in Sedalia Colorado. Yes it’s a horse property but they are not particularly horse people. In fact, I doubt they will ever put horses on the property.

Sedalia Colorado Real Estate

4138 Perry Park Road, Sedalia CO

They, like many buyers looking for homes in Sedalia, Colorado were looking for peace and quiet among the mature pines, sprawling land and wide open views that Sedalia CO provides. Sedalia Colorado is truly one of the very last “close in” areas to buy or build your family estate in Colorado. When I say close in I mean that it is close to Castle Rock, DTC, Denver and Colorado Springs.

Sedalia Colorado Property Values:

  • For land and building lots in Sedalia, CO expect to find prices from $100,000 range to well into the millions.
  • For homes and estates these too will run from the mid $300,000’s well into the millions for full on family estates with intricate gated entries and an almost family compound feel.
  • Horse property in Sedalia is generally easy to find but expect to pay for it. Depending on the wells that feed the property, location and horse facilities starting prices are usually around $500,000 on up.

Find out what your Sedalia Colorado property is worth right here. This is as close to an appraisal as you can get without paying $400.

Sedalia CO

Sedalia Colorado

Sedalia, CO offers long range views, privacy and the ability to live the way you want to without HOAs and neighbors in your business. Having so many undeveloped property allows for true landscape views so you can enjoy the topography and not roof tops.

Located just a few minutes outside Castle Rock Colorado allows for super easy access to all the amenities of Castle Rock. When you take Wolfensburger Road west out of Castle Rock and cross over the top of the hill and get your first glimpse of Sedalia, CO and the valley below you will be blown away. It’s like being transported into another world.

More photos of Sedalia Colorado here. 

Check out Sedalia Colorado homes and land for sale below. If you would like to view any of these properties call Steven Beam directly at 303-941-4663.