Stonegate Village Garage Sale

Stonegate Village Garage Sale

The annual Stonegate Village neighborhood garage sale is here for 2012.

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Dates: June 1st and 2nd, 2012.

Please drive slowly through Stonegate as there are many kids out of school and trying to enjoy the fun.

Directions; From I-25 and Lincoln Ave in Douglas County Colorado. Take the Lincoln Ave exit and head East 3 miles to the entrance of Stonegate. Stonegate Village and the garage sale will be in both the North and South entrances of Stonegate. The entire neighborhood will be participating. Stonegate is located in Parker, Colorado

Times: Most people start putting items out for sale around 8AM and keep them out until around 2:00. Yes there are always early risers that will have items out before 8AM and keep them out past 2PM. Some stay open into the evening.

Early birds seem to get the best deals each year so get here early or be faced with picking through the scraps.  As mentioned in previous years I’ve seen people with their tables out at 6:30AM and buyers lined up ready to go that early.

Expect to see professional garage sale buyers too. I’ve witnessed people driving around in huge moving trucks buying items at just about every house. I guess they take it back and sell it on Craigslist or eBay. I don’t know.

One final tip is that the best deals are almost always found on the second day. A lot of the garage sale items will be picked over but sellers will be letting it go cheap.

See you there.