Clarke Farms Neighborhood in Parker, Colorado

Clarke Farms Neighborhood has another great year for home sales.

I’ve long said that Clarke Farms is the most affordable neighborhood in Parker, Colorado and I believe that home buyers agree with me. Look at the sales for the year of 2011 and you will see that not only are homes continuing to sell in Clarke Farms but it appears that there is no slow down in sight.

Buy a home in Clarke Farms

Buy a home

Homes are selling for an average of $116 per square foot and and average of $100 per finished square foot. The value is right there. Numbers don’t lie and I seriously doubt anyone can build or replace a home in Clarke Farms for $100 per sqft.

So yes, buying and owning a home is now much less expensive than renting. If you don’t believe me check out this article that came out just today “Office and Home Rent will keep rising and rising.”

Home prices are so affordable in Clarke Farms that the selling price range for the neighborhood in 2011 was from $165,000 to $367,000. Just about anyone can find the right home in Clarke Farms.

In 2011 83 homes sold in Clarke Farms with an average sales price of $233,328 and an average of 96 days on market.

Find out what your Clarke Farms home is worth.

Typical Clarke Farms Home

Typical Clarke Farms Home