Douglas County Colorado Real Estate Market Reports

Douglas County Colorado Real Estate Market Reports

Here we go it’s that time of year again. I will begging today posting my yearly real estate market reports for neighborhoods in and around Douglas County Colorado.

Be prepared to see how many homes have sold, what they sold for and how long it took the Realtor to sell them.

This is a valuable resource for anyone thinking of buying or selling a home. Youy MUST know your numbers in order to be successful when buying and selling a home.

We will be able to spot pricing trends and see what areas are hot and what area neighborhoods are cooling off.. With housing inventory in the Denver Metro at all time lows I would expect to see data pointing towards a recovery which is the first time I’ve used those words in years.

Here is a little tidbit of info to let you know where we are. As of the end of December our housing inventory was down 39% from one year earlier.

You can find these reports on this blog and on our other blog located HERE.