Success Begins With Written Goal Setting

Success Begins With Written Goal Setting

Hitting your target with goals.

Hitting your target with goals.

Every year around this time I complete one of my most favorite tasks. I set my business and personal goals for the coming year. I also check in to see how I’m doing on the goals I set for myself last year. Even though I periodically check in on my goals throughout the year it never hurts to re-read them and check progress.

I actually constantly think about my goals and run them through my head to keep myself on track. I do this when I’m in the car or waiting for a meeting to begin. I’ve even thought about putting them in my iPhone so I can re-read them more often.

“I’m such a believer in written goals simply because I have proven to myself that without written goals I’m doomed for the year and my personal and professional growth will falter.”

Setting Goals and actually writing them down for the New Year is probably one of the most inportant things you can start doing right now. I know it is only November but it’s time to get started.

Did you know that studies have been done by Harvard Business School?

“It’s been studied that people with written goals have a 10 times higher success rate than People without written goals.”

The process it simple and the results come naturally if you take the time to write down the goals and review regularly.

Start with what you want to accomplish in your work. Figure out what you need to do to make the end result happen. For me in Real Estate I work my numbers backwards. I figure out what I want to earn in a year, figure out how many transactions that will take to accomplish and what activities I need to be doing to bring in the business to fulfil my goals. Sounds easy and it really is.

If you are new to your current business it may take a little longer to figure out your numbers but I’ve been in Real Estate for 12 years so I know my numbers pretty well.  Learning your numbers and knowing them well will save you time in the future and also help you track your goals throughout the year much easier. Always know your numbers.

I also write down what I want to accomplish personally. Years ago my biggies were things like payoff debt or have no credit cards ever again and eliminate all current consumer debt on the cards. Take a vacation with my family to the beach. Go camping and fishing with my kids at least 2 times in the summer. Whatever it is you need to write it down and see it regularly so you remember to do it and keep it top of mind.

Years ago my wife and I had a written goal to save 20% for a down payment on a new home and buy that new home within the next 10 months. Guess what. We did it.

Sometimes my initial list of goals is so long and so ridiculous I could never accomplish all of them. That’s when I take a knife to my list and make it more manageable and reasonable.

Make you goals attainable. I’ve seen people in goal setting and business planning classes say “I want to make a million dollars.” Great but can you really attain that this year? Maybe not so why not try to better yourself from the previous year and work your way up to the end goal. Making a million isn’t unattainable but maybe it is for one year. How about putting that in your 5-10 year goal setting plan?

Once I have my list whittled down to a reasonable list I type it up and laminate it. Yes I actually take it to Staples and have them laminate the goal sheet.

Then I place the laminated goal sheet either on the wall near my desk or in my middle drawer in my desk. This will cause me to see it regularly.

This isn’t rocket science but it works. It works for me and I know it can work for you. Try it and I know you will be surprised at all the items you achieve in one year.

Personal Note from Steven Beam: In years where I have slacked and not written my goals down I have floundered terribly. I see drastic drops in business and a lackluster personal life. I believe in goal setting.