Why live in Parker, Colorado

Why live in Parker, Colorado

Why live in Parker Colorado

Why live in Parker Colorado

Why live in Parker Colorado? Working with relocation buyers moving to Parker, Colorado often brings up this question.

“Steve, Why Should I live in Parker, Colorado?”

Here are what I think are the top 11 reasons to move to Parker, Colorado and buy real estate.

1. Location: Why live in Parker Colorado? Parker is located 20 miles form downtown Denver, Colorado. It takes 25 minutes to get there with no traffic. I make this drive all the time so I know it works.

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2. Cherry Creek Bike Trail: The Cherry Creek bike path runs from just North of Castlewood Canyon State Park all the way into Downtown Denver, Colorado and beyond. I have friends that ride their bikes to work in Downtown Denver, Colorado from Parker on a regular basis in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

3. Fun things to do in Parker, Colorado: How about a daily farmers market right in the Town of Parker? How about weekly festivals and events in Parker such as art festivals, food festivals, wine festivals, Parades, horse drawn carriages, Easter Egg hunts and full on Parker Days Carnivals with rides that make your stomach spin? Believe me there is more but this is just a sampling.

4. P.A.C.E. Parker Arts, Cultural Events: This place is amazing. Just opened a few weeks ago in the Fall of 2011. 250 seat amphitheater, full stage productions, rooms for rent of r seminars, business meetings and cocktail parties. I love the new Parker PACE. We just held an office meeting there last week. State of the art technology for presentations and super comfortable meeting rooms make this a real Parker asset.

5. Castlewood Canyon: Located 20 minutes South of the Town of Parker, Colorado this is a true amenity for our town. Some call it the miniature Grand Canyon. Hiking Castlewood Canyon is a family adventure. Trails range for less than 1 mile to well over 4 miles. Trail runners love it and so do leisure hikers. We take our kids down to bottom and let them dip their feet into Cherry Creek. Crayfish and rock scrambling make for big family fun.

6. Location to DTC or the Denver Tech Center: Parker is only about 15 to 20 minutes from the DTC. Commuting is a breeze if your office is located in the DTC.

7. Light Rail Transportation: 3 miles West of Jordan road in Parker is the Light Rail Station. Take the light rail to Downtown Denver, Colorado or the Broncos game. Soon you will be able to ride the train to DIA (Denver International Airport). Light Rail make life easy. We take it into town for dinner out, games or just to have a day off walking around Downtown Denver, CO.

8. Hospitals and Medical Care: Parker, CO has hospitals within 3 miles. Parker Adventist and Sky Ridge in Lone Tree, Colorado. Parker Adventist is great for families since it is a Children’s hospital. Both of my kids were born at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree. We use and appreciate both hospitals but we have kids so the Children’s Hospital is seeing us on a regular basis.

9. Big Colorado Rocky Mountain Views. Many of the neighborhoods in Parker allow for big Colorado mountain views. If you are going to move to Colorado why now see the sunsets and mountain views daily.

10. People and Lifestyle for Parker, Colorado: If you live in Parker the best thing is that when you come home from work you don’t have to leave. We have it all. Restaurants, movies, active lifestyle opportunities and family fun. I know that the census data shows the average age of Parker Colorado is somewhere around 30 years old. Well. the real truth is that Parker has families. Lots of kids. When you have lots of kids it also means Grandparents. I’ve moved more Grandparents to Parker in the last 10 years than I can count. There is plenty to do and keep all ages happy and active.

11. Education and the Douglas County School System: Consistently ranked among the highest in the Country. Douglas County Schools are tops compared to any school system in the nation. Douglas County itself ranks over 2 times the national average for college grads and these parents all expect the best for their kids and are willing to pay for it. There are plenty of private, Montessori and public options available for your children.

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