Fun things to do around Parker – Air Force Football

Fun things to do around Parker – Air Force Football

Looking for fun things to do around Parker Colorado?

Every year we head to the Air Force Academy for a football game.

Personally I like to go to the games where Air Force is playing either Navy or Army. It just seems more fun when two branches of the service are playing against each other. There is something about the military colleges and their traditions that make the games so much fun. I wasn’t alive in the 1950’s but these games make me think that I’m at a football game in the 50’s. It’s a great family atmosphere with all the military flair a kid or adult could ask for.


  • Parking = FREE
  • Tickets = $25 to $50

A Broncos game will cost you around $70 for just one ticket and forget about free parking so this is a much less expensive fun day.

The students/cadets are dressed in their uniforms so our 6 year old thought that was super cool. Now he wants to go get camo shirts and pants to wear to the next game.

Being that this is the Air Force home field the fly over before the game is always a special treat. Last year they had a vintage flyover with older planes then the “big dog” latest and greatest planes flew over. The rumble in your chest is more than enough to make you feel super Patriotic and happy to be an American.

Oh and don’t forget the skydivers. Skydivers deliver the American Flag to the game. It’s super cool watching guys try to land in the center of the field.

Just before the game the band is down and a pit just below the concourse where you walk into your seats.  Spectators gather around and look down into the pit and listen to the band jam before the game.

Before the coin toss the cadets all line up in formation on the field. The formations alone are amazing. Then by some signal that I have not yet figured out they all take off running at the same time to the bleachers. It’s a comical sight to see hundreds of kids running for the stands. See the video of the cadets running below.



  • Tailgating is always fun and there is plenty of space to setup a full on tailgate spread.
  • Arrive early. We arrived 2 hours before the game and the party was already in full swing.
  • Expect a fully family friendly atmosphere.
  • Get to your seats 20 minutes before the game to see all the cadets line up and the flyover.
  • The stadium is much smaller than Mile High so the crowds are smaller and traffic is manageable.

It’s a great day of fun for kids and adults.