PACE – Parker gets a new Arts, Events & Culture Center.

PACE – Parker gets a new Arts, Events & Culture Center.

PACE Parker Arts Culture & Events

PACE Parker Arts Culture & Events



Parker Arts, Culture & Events

This is a scan of the post card the Town of Parker handed me at the recent “State of the Town” meeting I attended.

To be honest learning about this new (soon to be finished) cultural center in the center of town was actually the most exciting part of the event. There were a few bad jokes and a lot less real information given that I had hoped for. Mostly a smooze event and “look at me I’m your representative” junk. I do like the Mayor. Enough about the meeting.

This new building which I will say is quite impressive for Parker is really going to bring our Town to life. From the artist renderings and models I saw I cannot wait to attend an event here.

This is what I was told.

  • Located in the heart of Parker’s historic downtown.
  • Will host a varsity of regional and national arts performances.
  • Available for rental for community, social and business events.
  • 300 seat theater with an orchestra pit and dressing rooms
  • 250 seat outdoor amphitheater
  • Event room for banquets and community events. Social wing-dings! Yahoo.
  • Multipurpose classrooms, media and visual arts rooms and dance studio
  • Catering and teaching kitchen
  • Plaza with a kids playground
  • Art gallery

To me this sounds really cool. We have needed this for years. If you have ever been to an event at the old Mainstreet Center you understand why.

Good job Parker planners and Mayor for helping get this built for the Town of Parker.