Parker Colorado Skate Park – Fun things for kids.

Parker Colorado Skate Park – Fun things for kids.

Skate Park in Parker CO.

Skate Park in Parker CO.

It’s been a truly epic, sick, totally cool, rad, wicked, tweaked day at the Parker Skate Park. Parker Colorado built a new skate park a few years ago and it seems to be a hit with the kids. I’ve been here with my 5 year old at least 20 times over the past 2 years and there is always at least a few kids here skating, biking or riding scooters. Good job Parker, Colorado! Sometimes it gets pretty crowded.

My take on bringing kids here is that it is a great place to come. There is a massive pool area for the kids to ride in and ramps, rails, benches, stairs, drops and mini pools for them to enjoy. I guess about anything a skater, biker or scooter rider could want.

“My son just turned 5 a month ago and he’s been coming here for a few years and loves it.”

The big kids are very respectable to the little guys (other than the language) so they all seem to get along well. I guarantee your little guy or gal will come home with new words to try around the house. Some not so good words too.

For the parents there are benches and a small covered area with more seating. The tennis courts seem to be popular for the tennis moms. Most parents just hang out on the benches or walk around trying to get photos of their kids.

Don’t worry about trying to dodge the kids on their boards. They will get close at times but I’ve not had any of the “wildlife” run into me yet. Better to let them maneuver around you then try and run through their crazy riding.

Small Kids? Yes there is a great playground adjacent to the skate park that my 22 month old loves.

How to get here? The Parker Colorado skate park is located off Twenty Mile Road in Parker Colorado. Turn on Twenty Mile from either Lincoln Ave or Mainstreet in Parker and you will see it.

The Parker CO Skate Park can also be accessed by bike since it’s located just off the Cherry Creek Bike Path.

Thank you Parker Colorado for building a great place for our kids!