Sewer Scope – Do it or Lose Thousands!

Sewer Scope – Do it or Lose Thousands!

Scoping your sewer line is a serious job and MUST be done during the inspection process when buying a home for sale. Sewer line repairs can cost in the thousands of dollars. In fact the least expensive one I’ve seen was $4,200 and I regularly see them in the $8,000 range. It involves digging up the yard and in worst case scenarios it can mean digging up and replacing the sidewalk and even small sections of the street. Big time money for items like this.

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“Below I’m using actual sewer line photos provided by Warren at Pipe Spies.”

Scoping the sewer line involves Pipe Spies going through the sewer clean out, toilet or through a roof vent with a long hose that has a camera attached to the tip. The camera videos the pipe from the house to the sewer main usually out at the street. This allows them to see any breaks, roots, low spots or other problems in the line.

Warren says “All or nearly all the problems I find that need repair are undetectable by simply running water continually or flushing the toilet.”


  1. Don’t use a sewer scope company that also owns a backhoe to repair the lines. Companies with the tools to repair the line may be tempted to tell you it needs major repairs.
  2. Order the sewer scope to take place during the actual home inspection. (Don’t forget to order the Radon test too.)
  3. Most home inspectors will suggest a sewer scope on all older homes and especially if there is or was a tree located in the front yard above or near the location of the line.
  4. Cost of a sewer scope is around $200 but can literally save you thousands.
  5. I’m not going to debate how old is old enough to need to be scoped. That is up to you and your chosen home inspector.

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